Monday, March 1, 2010

Display Color Calibration on a PC

This came from people running XP Windows on a MAC, 
it works for Windows Machines that have the NVIDIA Graphics Card

(Running Vista or Windows 7 may be different)
Create a display color calibration profile for a specific printer:
(For MAC's running a MAC OS go here

(For example > if you are going to be printing on ICARUS, print the Print Safe Colors Image on ICARUS > then follow the guidelines and title your calibration on your monitor ICARUS (with the Date) 

• Print the Print Safe Colors Image
on your specific printer (ICARUS, LEONARDO, your inkjet printer, Epson 9600 on 3rd floor, or an outsource printer)

• Print with the specific substrate you will be using (color copy paper, regular paper, canvas, Epson watercolor paper

*All calibrations will be different, for each printer and substrate or any combination.

• Keep the file image on your screen and compare it to your print

Calibrating a monitor for a specific printer such as Icarus or Leonardo

Go to
Control Panel / Displays
NVIDIA - Control Panel

In sliders > each color channel can be adjusted
Adjust the gamma for each color to adjust towards red, green etc.


There is no saving of a PC Profile
so to be able to move between print and web profile follow these steps:

Print screen of where your sliders are so that you can choose the default settings for web and choose the printer calibrated settings when you are working in print.

To get to the Print Screen on a mac running PC go to Accessories > Accessibility > on screeen keyboard
print screen (psc)

Change between Web and Print Calibrations when you are switching between delivery systems.
To get back to a web display calibration on your PC: restore defaults.
Then to go back to the print calibration enter in the saved numbers.